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Get the Kansas City Real Estate Report and connect with the local turnkey provider.

Why do cash-flowing real estate investors love Kansas City?

  • Flourishing economy with industries such as health care, manufacturing, automotive, and home to Fortune 500 companies (Cerner, Seaboard, Sprint)

  • Missouri has low state income tax and is landlord-friendly

  • 38th largest U.S. city (495,000+) with a metro of 2.5 million (47% of the city’s population are renters)

  • Low property tax

  • Kansas City consistently ranks top ten for best places to acquire income properties and continues to experience steady population growth and broad-based job growth.


Why team up with this provider?

  • In-house property management with professional applicant screening provided

  • Predominately B-Class Single Family Homes

  • Tenancy: Average tenant stays 3.25 years

  • Typical: $950 rent and $95,000 purchase price (rent-to-price is 1%)

  • 10+ years experience


These reasons and more are why investors keep coming back for Kansas City turnkey properties.

Get the free report and connect with the provider.

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